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How I Achieved the AWS Associate Certifications

Over the course of the last year I was working towards transitioning our company’s products to the AWS cloud. I gained a solid experience with many of the AWS services, wrote lots of lines of CloudFormation code, and embraced AWS reference architectures and best practices. To round up my AWS experience I thought that accomplishing some certifications would be a good idea. In this post, I am going to share with you how I achieved the AWS associate certifications.

Red Hat Summit 2018

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Red Hat Summit 2018. It was hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, May 8-10, 2018. I greatly enjoyed this conference and would like to share with you some of the interesting things I learned there.

Designing a Common Build System

Code reuse belongs to the basic tenets of software development. Moreover, one should have the same principle in mind when maintaining build scripts. If you are copy-pasting Makefiles and pom.xml files from project to project, stop now and read this article! We are going to discuss how to design a common build system.

Booting Amazon Linux 2 on OpenStack

Amazon Linux 2 runs on OpenStack perfectly fine. There is only one glitch that you should be aware of. Amazon Linux 2 won’t accept metadata and user data provided by OpenStack on boot. That means that you won’t be able to SSH into the instance after it comes up. In this brief tutorial, we are going to modify the Amazon Linux 2 image to fix this problem.

18 Months with OpenStack, Our Experience, Part II

In the previous post, we discussed our experience with the deployment of OpenStack. In this article, we’re going to share the lessons learned when operating it. It took effort to tame the OpenStack beast and make it work reliably. If you want to know how we accomplished that, read on.

18 Months with OpenStack, Our Experience, Part I

It has been 18 months since we deployed OpenStack cloud in our company. In this article, I would like to review our time with OpenStack and describe some of the experience we gained. Are you thinking about building an OpenStack-based cloud? This article might provide you with additional insights and tips that will help you succeed.

Edge Security for Your Cloud Application, Part II

In this article, we’re going to create a proof-of-concept deployment featuring a non-TLS client connecting to our cloud application. We are going to leverage the architecture approach discussed in the previous blog post. A secure communication channel is going to be established between the client and the cloud application including mutual authentication.

Edge Security for Your Cloud Application, Part I

When designing a cloud application, one of the challenges you need to tackle is the secure communication of your clients with your servers over the public Internet. In this post, I’m going to sketch a system architecture that allows you to authenticate the clients and exchange data between your clients and servers securely. The proposed architecture is also suitable when migrating an existing application, which didn’t implement the secure communication, to the cloud.