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Evaluating Application Metrics Solutions — Prometheus?

In our SOA-based application, the problem of application metrics hasn’t been solved yet. We would like to have our application services expose metrics that could be used for monitoring, auto-scaling and analytics. In this blog post, I would like to present to you one of the proposals to solve the application metrics which suggests leveraging Prometheus.

Test-Driving OpenShift Online

Did you decide to dockerize your application? Awesome! Are you looking for a place to build and host your Docker containers? OpenShift Online is a service that allows you to build and run your Docker containers. Read on, if you want to learn more about it.

Centralized Configuration Management, Our Approach

Are you migrating your existing application to the cloud? Are you missing a solution for centralized configuration management? Read on to learn, how we implemented centralized configuration management on top of our existing application and got it ready for the cloud.

How I Became a Red Hat Certified Architect in One Year

Roughly a year ago, my boss offered to me a Red Hat Learning Subscription. Because continuous education belongs to the habits of a good software practitioner, I appreciated this opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Red Hat technologies. At that time I didn’t have an idea about how much fun I was going to have on my journey to become a Red Hat Certified Architect. Read more, if you want to find out!

First Look at the Key-Value Store in Consul

If you are developing a distributed application that consists of multiple services, you might be thinking about how to manage the ever growing application configuration data. Instead of maintaining individual configuration files for each service, you can store all your configuration data in a key-value store. In this blog post we’ll check out the key-value store in Consul.